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English toastmaster Richard Palmer pouring champagne for the bride and bridegroom ouside Great Baddow Church, Essex


English Toastmaster pouring champagne for the Bride

and Groom at Great Baddow Church, Essex.

Photograph courtesy of David Court

Essex wedding disco, bride and bridegrooms first dance


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Essex mobile wedding disco


Clues why you should train with the English Toastmasters Association

I don't see any changes that could possibly make this course any better. Best three days training I've ever had in 30 years of business. Brilliant. I have learnt more than I thought I ever would in such a short time. Keep up the good work.  M. K.,  

The course was conducted in comfortable surroundings and was well structured. It was very helpful to meet other toastmasters and colleagues. V. K., 

Don't change anything but please don't get me so excited about toastmastering that I can't sleep before the next day of the course. Thanks again for a fantastic learning experience. B C,

Excellent three days, I would not change anything - for me, it suited my style of learning.  S G, Essex

Don't change the way they you deliver your courses, although very intense I imagine you would not receive the practical, visual and off site training with any other association. Thank you  A W Dorset

Outstanding course, well worth every penny, my thanks to Richard for his time and training he gave me for toastmastering. Many thanks, I am so happy to have become a member of the English Toastmasters Association.  J G

The course content was fully covered in a very friendly and informative manner (time taken to meet any queries). A pleasure to meet other related people like photographers, toastmasters and venue organisers. Thoroughly interesting, the three days flew by and the assistance with my web site was invaluable. It was a pleasure to have attended the training course as it exceeded my expectations and provided a much greater insight into the role of the toastmaster which is down to the quality of the trainer. I look forward to meeting other toastmasters in the near future. Thank You   J J Wales

First class training by a very impressive professional body. C.W. Essex

The course is delivered in a relaxed one to one atmosphere with a personal insight to the profession. The back up and training is amazing and makes you feel part of a team, camaraderie is probably the word, giving you the confidence to do the job, excellent tuition, thank you for the course. G S

Professionally presented course in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. Superbly supported by Lindsey and Linda.  This course has given me the confidence to offer a more professional service to future clients. A pleasurable experience throughout. Many thanks to you Richard     RT Oxford

Need more time, Richard Palmer is a good instructor and will also listen and answer questions honestly.  Barry W Gilden Florida USA

I believe the course fulfilled my objectives. It was well paced and passionately delivered by Richard.  The DVD's show real life weddings. These were especially helpful.  The course is not only about delivering toastmaster services, but more importantly about delivering with care for the client.  M. W.  

Thank you for sharing experiences, in a very relaxed and informative yet positive manner.  M C

Hugely informative and fantastic fun.  You've put a huge amount of yourself - energy, knowledge and personality into these last three days.  Thank you ever so much.  N L

Richard, Many thanks for a fantastic day with you, I have gained so much in a short space of time.  R A

  One day Alignment Course for experienced toastmaster joining the English Toastmasters Association.

Having made enquiries with a number of organisations, I found you to be the most responsive to my enquiry. You clearly have a wealth of information that you are happy to impart.  The one to one suited my needs brilliantly and to my timescale.  I came with great expectations - I left overwhelmed with the amount of information & support at my disposal.  I am proud to have joined such a well organised Association.  G. S.

Richard is an inspirational teacher who is a master of his craft and he has filled me with absolute enthusiasm for my new career as a Toastmaster.  K G

Excellent course - did not want it to end.  I feel I have hit the ground running, through excellent tuition given.  MO

Excellent course.  Commitment shown in passing over the knowledge is second to none.  One to one relationship is a major benefit because you have individual attention and full concentration to get the best results.  I now feel very confident that I can deliver excellent service to my clients.  T. S.

My sincere thanks for an excellent three days. My head is still buzzing and I am feeling enthusiastic and ready to go.  The manner in which you have approached the course is relaxing and is conducted at a comfortable pace. The course is well delivered and informative.  It makes learning a pleasure.  The DVD's are extremely helpful.  I have seen the work of a toastmaster from a new perspective which I will endeavour to practice in the future.  I have high standards to work to!  G C

  West Sussex

An excellent course.  The one to one course is very flexible and adaptable and met my needs fully.  A very satisfying and fulfilling three days, which has inspired me to become an effective toastmaster for my clients.  M B

The course was a wonderful insight into the arts and skills required to become a successful toastmaster.  I hadn't realised the importance of strategic alliances with other core workers within the wedding industry, and also how little of the role is actually making announcements!

The valuable advice concerning marketing and sales strategies was a completely new ball game to me and you led me through that particular minefield with extreme patience, wisdom and good grace!  The whole course was delivered in a relaxed though professional manner, I particularly enjoyed the interaction with the other toastmasters, meeting David, Jennifer and Linda, the lunches and visiting the venues.  I am extremely grateful to you, proud to be a member of the ETA.

A younger, fresher approach to toastmaster training, a natural and relaxed way of learning.  J C Oxon


I found the course interesting, informative and presented in a very personal manner.  The one to one format is conducive to ensuring that Richard was able to see that each issue was understood before moving on to the next.  Visits to venues and having lunch together also made the learning process more pleasurable.  I do not believe that the course could have been presented any better and leave it enthusiastic and confident.  Thank you Richard. 

A further comment from John, several months after the course, "I am very happy with the reaction of clients to the way I have been taught to go about my business". 

J C Essex


Richard obviously tailors information and needs delivery to suit candidates' abilities.  An excellent course where I gained everything I required to give excellent service. 

T H   Dorset


As a member of the teaching profession for over 30 years I was very impressed by Richard's teaching style, which was both relaxed and thorough.  At no time did he cast himself in the role of "expert", but, instead, he guided and mentored me through the course on equal terms, encouraging me to bring out and develop my own gifts and talents.  At the same time, there was enough rigour during the training to ensure that all of the essential details were covered and that I felt equipped to further my career as a toastmaster.

It was a privilege to be able to shadow Richard in action at a wedding and to be present at an actual meeting with clients.  This provided much more insight into the realities of the job as toastmaster than any amount of classroom based theory could afford.

I now feel that I am a member of the best professional organisation for toastmasters that there is, and that Richard is a senior "partner" in the full sense of the word.  Thank you Richard for your friendship, conscientious example and consummate professionalism. 


I feel that all the information has been well researched and the whole delivery calm, informal and thorough.  The caring manner and treatment by Richard was really great, making the learning process a pleasure.  John Parker

The delivery of information suited my particular learning style and was very effective.  The course was not only informative but was also a pleasure to attend.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my time and hope that the relationship forged will continue to grow and become stronger. 

M. G.

The three day course is an excellent grounding for toastmasters. The course was delivered in a thorough and professional manner with the focus on the client being an important theme running through the various topics. Additionally, being able to meet Front of House management is exceptionally useful as this provides understanding of their expectations.

A. M. 

The course was very helpful and informative in detail.  J Q-N   Hertfordshire

Thank you for your hospitality, openness, absolute professionalism and knowledge sharing.  P. C.

Excellent course, relaxed atmosphere, very good value.  A pleasure to have been part of the training course. 


Very enjoyable, informative course, delivered in a relaxing way.  B C   Dorset

I think that the format was excellent.  Clearly has the flexibility to meet individual needs.  A thoroughly enjoyable, informative and helpful experience and has whet my appetite for toast mastering duties.  THANK YOU.  J. T.   Yorkshire  ( Retired )


Phone us now on 01245 222992 / 07971 409977 to talk to us about your future as a toastmaster or alternatively via our contact form




London Toastmasters who are members of

The English Toastmasters Association

Choose to hire your professional toastmaster from the best of the best



An excellent London Toastmaster to work for you

and help to make sure that your special occasion is the best.

The English Toastmasters Association have professional toastmasters for hire and Masters of Ceremonies, who are pleased to work in all areas of London at virtually all types of events. There are a number of members who have had a great deal of experience as a London toastmaster, so you can be assured that you will receive highly professional services from an accomplished toastmaster who will be focused on your specific requirements.

London Wedding Toastmaster

If you are getting married in London, or are having your wedding reception in London, we are able to provide the ultimate wedding toastmaster

London Lady Toastmaster for your wedding, corporate event, party and special occasionOur London lady wedding toastmaster who lives and works in London


Probably the brightest smile

amongst lady toastmasters!


Leona is based in London and has over fifteen years’ experience of looking after clients and has been welcoming guests as the head of reception at the Grand Connaught Rooms for the last nine years. She is extremely client focused and will attend to your every need.

Having been involved in award dinners, dinner - dances, corporate hospitality, conferences, weddings, luncheons, private celebrations, fundraising and anniversaries, to name but a few, Leona is well experienced at many types of functions and will be pleased to put you at ease.

Leona will be very pleased to personally assist you on your special day, spending time with you to plan and tailor your day to your exact specifications.

Leona’s passion is looking after her clients for any special occasions.  She will be delighted to look after you and make sure that you have total peace of mind and that your guests are all made to feel special!


Please give Leona a call now for more information on

0207 916 2512 or 07710 619812


FACT. All our member toastmasters are trained to cover more duties at events than any other toastmasters. Toastmasters who are members of The English Toastmasters Association are actually trained to do more for their clients than other training organisations teach or suggest. Most toastmaster training has been concentrated to deliver information about our history, what we wear and what we do, without even relating that training to client benefits. Some toastmasters do not even consider certain duties to be their concern, even if by fulfilling those duties, their clients would benefit by having a better experience or better run function.

We are pleased to receive excellent comments from other professionals in the wedding and banqueting business. Members of The English Toastmasters Association are recognised as leading the way in the 21st century with new and better methods of working, higher published standards of ethics and conduct, and higher standards of care not only for our clients, but also for services to the business professionals that we work with.

Higher standards from our member toastmasters quite simply mean - better results for our clients. We are aiming for and getting, the best quality testimonials and the kindest accolades from other wedding and banqueting professionals which encourage our members to work even harder to please our clients.

All types of functions are covered to the highest standards by our member toastmasters.

The English Toastmasters Associations toastmasters have been trained to the highest standards and abide by a strict code of ethics. All of our members are given ongoing support, advice and inspiration to offer you the finest possible service.

When you book a toastmaster to work in London who is a toastmaster from The English Toastmasters Association you will have peace of mind that you are choosing from an elite group of professionals, driven to go above and beyond, for their clients.

Please visit The English Toastmasters Association web site or call 01245 222392 for further information about booking the services of any of our members as your London toastmaster.

If you are looking for a London Toastmaster The English Toastmasters Association has members who are able to work in virtually all areas of the city, which are listed below.

Professional toastmasters available for hire for your special occasion.

Richard Palmer

Essex Wedding Toastmaster Richard Palmer for your wedding and any event where you need your guests to be cared for A Founder Member of the English Toastmasters Association, Richard who lives in Chelmsford, Essex, England UK offers a great deal more than just Toast mastering... If you want the best reactions from your guests and to be pampered on your special day, Richard is the man for you. Richard is a highly client focused wedding toastmaster, which means that if you are a bride looking for a toastmaster to make you feel really special on your wedding day, he will be the the right choice for you.
Linda Palmer
Essex Wedding Toastmaster Linda Palmer

A Founder Member of the English Toastmasters Association with over 15 years experience of organising and running functions, Linda, who lives in Chelmsford, Essex, England, UK will give you the confidence that your function will run smoothly. With Linda as your wedding toastmaster you can relax and enjoy your day...

Russell Rainger
English Toastmaster Russell Rainger

A Founder Member of the English Toastmasters Association, and as your wedding toastmaster Russell, has the skills and know-how to work with you to ensure that your function is meticulously planned and executed. Russell lives in Suffolk, England, UK.

John Quinton Navvaro
John Quinton-Navarro -wedding toastmaster hertfordshire weddings John, who lives in St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England, UK, has a real passion for helping people as your wedding toastmaster John would love to give you the opportunity of experiencing his help and expertise on your special day. John has been involved with Round Table and 41 Club for a number of years, this is an organisation that is always looking at helping others and he would like to continue this by way of making your special day more relaxed and enjoyable, knowing you can call on him to do what ever you would like help with.
Geoffrey Cornwell
Geoffrey Cornwell Sussex toastmaster Geoff lives in Wivelsfield Green, Haywards Heath, West Sussex, England, UK and will be pleased to offer you excellent quality services for you as your wedding toastmaster or for any type of function. Geoff is a very approachable toastmaster who fully understands quality service. If you want to be made to feel special and know that you are in excellent experienced hands, please give him a call. He is based in Sussex but will be pleased to travel anywhere and is very close to Kent, Surrey, Middlesex and Hampshire
Andrew West

Toastmaster Andrew West

Andrew is based in Poole, Dorset, UK. Andrew would be pleased to travel anywhere to officiate at your wedding, corporate function or special event. Andrew has over eight years worth of experience working with clients in various forms. With his customer service and managerial skills, you a can expect the receive the highest level of care and attention throughout the planning and preparation for your day / function to ensure that it runs smoothly and exactly as you wish.

Andrew is sure to enhance any occasion with his expertise and professionalism. When you choose Andrew as your toastmaster, you can be certain you are in safe and capable hands.

Andrew is also a professional, freelance organist and accompanist and has had the opportunity to play in numerous churches and cathedrals throughout the UK and Europe and is available for organ recitals, concerts, weddings and other church services. Please visit for further details.

Stephen Gregory
Essex Toastmaster Stephen Gregory

Stephen lives in Stambourne, Essex, UK and is a professional toastmaster with a modern approach combined with traditional values As your wedding toastmaster Stephen will add a touch of elegance and formality to your special day or event. Stephen will be pleased to assist you with your planning and preparation and is on hand to advise you on all aspects of etiquette and protocol. You can be assured Stephen will take care of you and your guests with exact attention to detail.


James McCarraher

Hampshire Wedding Toastmaster

James is married and lives on Hayling Island, on the South Coast of England.

Trained by leading Toastmaster, Richard Palmer, James is a Member of the English Toastmasters Association.

Totally unflappable, James is kind, calm, well-mannered and extremely organised. He abides by the exacting standards set by the English Toastmasters Association and is proud to wear the red coat and the Association’s badge.

As well as being a Toastmaster, James is a lawyer and published author, so forward planning and attention to detail are paramount in all aspects of his life.

James would be delighted to act as your very own personal assistant on your wedding day, offering you an extra special service and genuine value for money.

“As a married man, I am very much aware of the importance of your big day. It is my aim to ensure that you and your guests are made to feel special and play a part in ensuring that the biggest day of your life is full of joy and free from stress.”

Leona Cunningham
London Lady Toastmaster for your wedding or event

Leona is based in London and has over fifteen years’ experience of looking after clients and has been welcoming guests as the head of reception at the Grand Connaught Rooms for the last nine years. She is extremely client focused and will attend to your every need.

Having been involved in award dinners, dinner - dances, corporate hospitality, conferences, weddings, luncheons, private celebrations, fundraising and anniversaries, to name but a few, Leona is well experienced at many types of functions and will be pleased to put you at ease.

Leona will be very pleased to personally assist you on your special day, spending time with you to plan and tailor your day to your exact specifications.

Leona’s passion is looking after her clients for any special occasions.  She will be delighted to look after you and make sure that you have total peace of mind and that your guests are all made to feel special!

Jeremy Mann
Berkshire Toastmaster Jeremy Mann

Based in Berkshire, Jeremy provides a highly professional service as a toastmaster, master of ceremonies and disc jockey covering Berkshire and all surrounding counties as well as inner London.

He is a talented public speaker and performs regularly, acting in theatres and as a toastmaster and DJ in many public venues. He provides many services at functions such as weddings, auctions, galas, fund raising and charity events. He specialises in themed discos based on his theatrical experience.  He also has the necessary qualifications to work at children’s parties and is qualified in teaching acting and drama.

From the age of seven Jeremy has been on the stage performing in pantomime, musicals and plays. He has a strong love of musicals and comedies and adds this to his repertoire when performing. This means he has plenty of energy and thrives on ensuring his clients have a really enjoyable time on their special occasion.

At 34 years old, he brings a really vibrant style to the profession and prioritises an extremely high level of customer service to his clients. With a wealth of experience he can guarantee that you will enjoy your day and recommend others to him. So whether you would like a fresh, modern or a more traditional approach, Jeremy will fit the bill for your special occasion

Ralph Heilmer
Kent Toastmaster and Surrey Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies

The warmest welcome to you, and many thanks for visiting my personal profile page.

If you are organising an event of any type, where your ultimate aim is to enjoy time with your guests without having the worry about co-ordinating everything on the day, I am here to help. 

Whether it is a Grand Party affair, Traditional or non traditional Wedding, a Special Birthday Party, Charity Ball, Masonic Ladies Festival or Corporate Event, I will be pleased to be there from the outset, helping you with expert advice and assistance.

You will be able to relax, safe in the knowledge that you can rely on me to help deliver your event with the utmost style and panache.

For your event – I am your Butler, Personal Assistant, Party Organiser, Advisor, Master of Ceremonies and essentially not someone who just makes announcements and bangs his gavel, unless of course that is indeed all you require of me.  I can work with your staff, your chosen suppliers, party planners - naturally with the absolute discretion, diplomacy and professionalism.

I cordially invite you to visit my website, where I proudly share with you my testimonials from past happy clients, but in the meantime please do not hesitate to contact me if you feel that I would be of any further assistance.  I would be delighted to hear from you and help you to realise your dreams.


Tributes to London toastmaster and town crier Peter Moore who sadly passed away on December 20th 2009

London's larger than life town crier Peter Moore sadly passed away just before christmas, Mr Moore, who was Southwark's town crier, toastmaster and deputy mace bearer, died at his Wandsworth home on December 20th 2009. He carried out his last official engagement at the Southwark Mayor councilor Jeff Hook's christmas reception the day before. In November he appeared at the South London Press Heroes award ceremony to present an award.

Mr Moore was London's official town crier for 31 years and also represented London Mayor Boris Johnson. North Southwark and Bermondsey MP Simon Hughes said he was a "larger than life character", he said "he would be greatly missed by the thousands who knew him and by the many others who will have seen him doing his duties but never had the privilege of getting to know him".

Councilor Hook, said Mr Moore was a "kind and caring person who strived to carry out his official duties, even when not enjoying the best health". He said "Peter was a close friend and acted as a master of ceremonies at our civil partnership". "He will be sorely missed at future civic events in Southwark and across London".

Mr Moore's former partner, Maxine Howard, 48, said he had suffered two heart attacks earlier this year. He also spent several weeks in hospital when he was knocked off his beloved scooter in September. Miss Howard said "He didn't have a very good year but Peter was a trooper and never let anything get him down". "He had the most wonderful speaking voice - amazing dulcet tones and he was charming and charismatic, he could just hold a room".

He attended Charles and Diana's wedding in 1981 and appeared on the David Letterman Show.

Miss Howard said, "You name it Peter's done it. He always just wanted to represent all that London had to offer".

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Willesden, Willesden Green, Wimbledon, Wimbledon Park, Wimbledon South, Wimbledon Village, Winchmore Hill , Wood Green, Worcester Park, Yeading, Yiewsley, London. House of Commons Toastmaster.





















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If you are looking for a wedding toastmaster or a toastmaster for any type of function please visit our website. Any one of our members would be pleased to discuss your requirements further.

Here are some London wedding venues and hotels where our Toastmasters are happy to work.  This is not a fully comprehensive list, but is meant as a guide to some of the venues that you may decide you would like an English Toastmaster to look after you.

1 (one), Great George Street, London
Institute of Directors, 116, Pall Mall, London
33, Portland Place, London
Abney Public Hall, London
Academy Town House Hotel, London
Acropolis Restaurant, London
Adam Street Private Members Club, London
Airport House, London
Albert & Pearl, London
Alexandra Palace, London
Amadeus Centre, London
Anne Boleyn Hotel, London
Antoinette Hotel , London
Arundel House, London
Athena Palace, London
Athenaeum Hotel, London
Avenue House, London
B - LO, London
Bacons College, London
Baglioni, London
Bank of England Sports Centre, London
Barbican Centre, London
Barkstons Gardens Hotel, London
Bateaux, London
Beauberry House, London
Beckenham Place Park, London
Belvedere, London
Beric Thames Sailing Ship, London
Berners Hotel, London
Bertorelli, London
Best Western Lodge Hotel, London
Best Western Premier Shaftesbury Kensington Hotel, London
Best Western The Boltons Hotel, London
Blakes Hotel, London
Bleackheath Halls, London
Blooms Hotel, London
BMA House, London
Bonds Restaurant & Bar, London
Boston Manor Hotel, London
Brewers Hall, London
Brick Lane Music Hall, London
Britannia International Hotel, London
British Academy of Film and Television Arts, London
Browns Hotel, London
Brown's Restaurant, London
Bush Hall, London
Bush Hill Park, London
Butchers Hall, London
Cabinet War Rooms, London
Cadogan Hotel, London
Cafe de Paris, London
Cafe Royal, London
Cannizana House, London
Cape Bar, London
Carlton Club, London
Carlton House, London
Celtic Hotel, London
Century Club, London
Chandos House, London
Charlton Athletic Football Club London
Charlton House, London
Chelsea Football Club, London
Chelsea Old Town Hall, London
Chesterfield Hotel, London
Chez Garrard, London
Chez Gerrard, London
Chicwick Moran Hotel, London
China Boulevard on the River, London
Chiswick Hotel, London
Churchill Hotel, London
Chutney Mary, London
Cicada, London
Cinnamon Club, London
Circus Restaurant, London
City Inn Westminster, London
City of London Club, London
Clarendon Hotel, London
Claridges Hotel, London
Coopers Hall, London
Copthorne Tara Hotel, London
Coropantion of Trinity House, London
County Hall Gallery, London
Courthouse Hotel Kempinski, London
Craven Cottage, London
Crowne Plaza London
Croydon Clock Tower, London
Crystal Hall, London
Crystal Palace Football Club, London
Cumberland Hotel, London
Dartmouth House, London
Defina, London
Digress City, London
Dolphin Square Hotel, London
Dorset Square Hotel, London
Dukes Hotel, London
Dulwich Picture Gallery, London
Ealing Golf Club, London
East Wintergarden, London
Eltham Palace, London
Enfield Hotel, London
Euro Lodge Clapham, London
Euro Queens Hotel, London
Forbes House, London
Four Seasons Hotel, London
Fulham Town Hall, London
Gainsborough Studios, London
Garden Museum, London
Gibson Hall, London
Glaziers Hall, London
Glenmore House, London
Goring Hotel, London
Grange St Pauls Hotel, London
Grange Strathmore Hotel, London
Greenwich Yacht Club, London
Grosvenor House Hotel , London
H Q S Wellington, London
Haberdashers Hall, London
Hall Place & Gardens, London
Hammersmith Clun, London
Hammersmith International Centre, London
Hammersmith Town Hall, London
Hampstead Britannia Hotel, london
Haymarket Hotel, London
Hempel House, London
Hendon Hall, London
Highgate School, London
Hilton London Docklands Riverside
Hilton London Kensington
Hilton London Paddington Hotel, London
HMS Belfast, London
HMS President, London
Home House, London
Honourable Socirty of Grays Inn, London
Hornimam Museum, London
Hotel Intercontinental, London
Hotel Russell, London
Howard Hotel, London
Hyatt Regency, London
Hyurlingham Club, London
Icebar, London
Institute of Contemporary Arts, London
Institute of Physics, London
International Students House, London
Irish Club, London
Ironmongers Hall, London
Jarvis International Hotel, London
Jerwood Space, London
JK Banquets, London
Jolly St Ermins Hotel, London
Jumeirah Carlton Tower, London
Just St. James, London
Kensington London Holiday Inn
Kensington Rooms, London
Kensington Rowing Club, London
Kensington Town Hall, London
Kenwood House, London
Kew Bridge Steam Museum, London
Kew Gardens, London
Kings College School, London
Kingsway Hall Hotel, London
La Meriden Piccadilly, London
La Royale Banqueting Suites, London
La Rueda, London
Laguna Banqueting Hall, London
Landmark, London
Lanesborough Hotel, London
Lark in the Park, London
Lauderdale House, London
Law Society Hotel, London
Le Gothique, London
Le Meridien Piccadilly, London
Lee Valley Leisure Centre, London
Locale, London
London Aquarium
London Art House
London Canal Museum
London Eye
London Hilton Park Lane
London Hilton, London
London Lodge Hotels
London Marriott Hotel
London Marriott Kensington, London
London Marriott Maida Vale
London Marriott Park Lane
London Palladium
London Regalia Swan Pier, London
London Regents Park Holiday Inn
London Wetlands Centre
London Zoo
Loose Cannon, London
Lord's Cricket, London
Madam Tussauds, London
Mall Galleries, London
Malmaison, London
Mandarin Oriental Hotel, London
Marriot Grosvenor House, London
Mary Ward House, London
Marylebone Cricket Club, London
Matilda, London
Mayfair Intercontinental Hotel, London
Mercers Hall, London
Merchant Taylor Hall, London
Metropolitan Hotel, London
Middle Temple, London
Milestone Hotel, London
Mill Hill School, London
Millennium Britannia Hotel, London
Millennium Gloucester Hotel, London
Mint Leaf, London
Morden Park House, London
Mosimann's, London
Museum of Garden History, London
National Liberal Club, London
New Connaught Rooms, London
Nobu Restaurants, London
Oak Lodge Hotel, London
Old Library, London
Old Vic, London
One Aldwych Hotel, London
One Whitehall Place, London
Pacha, London
Painted Hall, London
Paragon Hotel, London
Park Lane Hotel, London
Park Plaza Westminster Bridge Hotel, London
Park Royal Studios, London
Parkstead House, London
Pasley Tyler & Co, London
Pause, London
Pembroke Lodge, London
Phibbers, London
Pits Hanger Manor, London
Pitzhanger Manor House, London
Plasterers Hall, London
Porchester Hall, London
Portman Hotel, London
President Hotel, London
Prince of Wales Theatre, London
Prism Restaurant & Bar, London
Quayside Restaurant, London
Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre, London
Queens House, London
R S Hispaniola, London
Radisson Edwardian Mayfair hotel, London
Radisson SAS Portman Hotel, London
Ramada Ealing Hotel, London
Ramada Encore London West
Ramada London Hyde Park
Rangers House, London
Razza, London
Reglan Hall, London
Rembrandt Hotel, London
Renaissance Chancery Court, London
Ridgeway Hotel, London
River Lounge, London
Roof Gardens, London
Royal Airforce Museum, London
Royal Chase Hotel, London
Royal college of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, London
Royal College Of Surgeons Of England, London
Royal Garden Hotel, London
Royal Horticultural Hall, London
Royal Inn on the Park, London
Royal Institute of British Architects, London
Royal Institute of Public Health, London
Royal Institution of Great Britain, London
Royal Oak, London
Royal Regency Banqueting Suite, London
Royal Society of Arts, London
Royal Star, London
Royal Thames Yacht Club, London
RS Hispaniola, London
RSA House, London
Rumi Bar, London
Russie Hotel, London
Samuel Pepys, London
Savoy Hotel, London
Searcy's, London
Selfridges, London
Shakespeare's Globe, London
Silver Sturgeon, London
Simpson's In The Strand, London
Sketch, London
Skinners Hall, London
Smollenskeys, London
Sofitel St James London Hotel, London
Soho Hotel, London
Soho House Club, London
Somerset House, London
Southwark Cathedral, London
Spencer House, London
Spring Park Hotel, London
St George's Hotel, London
St Germain, London
St James Court Hotel, London
St Stephen's Club, London
Stafford Hotel, London
Staple Inn Hotel, London
Stationers Hall, London
Sutton House, London
Swiss Hotel, The Howard, London
Templeton, London
Thames Lighthouses Chainstore Building, London
The Academy, London
The Albany, London
The Anadeus Centre, London
The Ark, London
The Army and Navy Club, London
The Arts Club, London
The Avenue Restaurant & Bar, London
The Beauchamp Hotel, London
The Berkeley, London
The Berkley Hotel, London
The Berners Hotel, London
The Bloomsbury Ballroom, London
The Brit Oval, London
The Britannia, London
The Buckingham Hotel, London
The Cafe Royal, London
The Caledonian Club, London
The Churchfield, London
The clock House, London
The Colonade Boutique Hotel, London
The Commonwealth Club, London
The Conservatory at Chelsea, London
The Decorium, London
The Dickens Inn, London
The Dorchester Hotel, London
The Firs, London
The Fox & Goose Hotel, London
The Gallery, London
The Gore Hotel, London
The Goring Hotel, London
The Groucho Club, London
The HAC, London
The Hempel Hotel, London
The Hill, London
The Hospital Club, London
The House of St Barnabas, London
The Inner Temple, London
The Institute of Directors, London
The Institution of Civil Engineers, London
The Institution of Mechanical Engineers, London
The Ivy, London
The Lancaster, london
The Landmark London Hotel, London
The Langham Hotel, London
The Lansdowne Club, London
The Law Society, London
The Lodge Hotel, London
The London Cricketers Club, London
The London Eye
The Mayfair Intercontinental Hotel, London
The Montague on the Gardens, London
The Natural History Museum, London
The New Players Theatre Restaurant & Bar, London
The North Star, London
The Old Marylebone Town Hall, London
The Player's Theatre, London
The Prodigal, London
The Pump House, London
The Queens Club, London
The Rine, London
The Rineyard, London
The Ritz Hotel, London
The Royal Geographical Society, London
The Royal Society of Arts, London
The RSA, London
The Rubens, London
The Saatchi Gallery, London
The Samuel Pepys, London
The Savoy Hotel, London
The Soho Lounge, London
The Stafford Hotel, London
The Tab Venue, London
The Trafalgar, London
The Union, London
The University Women's Club, London
The Victoria Park Plaza Hotel, London
The Waldorf Hilton, London
The Wall Bar, London
The Washington Mayfair Hotel, London
Theatre Royal Drury Lane, London
Thistle Hotel Charing Cross, London
Threadneedles, London
Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, London
Tower Bride, London
Towwe Thistle Hotel, London
Trafalgar Tavern, London
TS Queen Mary, London
Tudor Barn Eltham, London
Ubon By Nobu, London
Urban Bar & Brasserie, London
Victoria Park Plaza, London
Victory Services Club, London
Vinopolis, London
Waldorf Hilton, London
Waterman's Hall, London
Waterman's Restaurant, London
Wembley Stadium
West Ham United Hospitality, London
West Lodge Park Hotel, London
Westbury Hotel, London
Westminster Abbey, London
Wilton's Music Hall, London
York and Albany, London
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